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*we’re still in closed beta and add people to the product step by step. To join, ask one of our users for an invite.

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We’re proud of the diverse and insightful perspectives our beta hosts
and listeners bring to Angle

"I was so tied up in our Angle call that I boarded the wrong train. That cost me 20min. 1 of 5 stars 😅"

Product Manager
"I love that I have great conversations that will stay in my memory. I get to know new people, simply with voice and words."
Co-founder d.quarks
“Ok this is awesome. Like Meetup, but without all the admin and awkwardness. Join me on Angle to talk all things Product!”

Product marketing manager
"Every time I listen in on Angle calls: OOHH interesting, I want to be part of the conversation."
Strategy consultant
"Access to quality, intimate conversations isn't easy, especially when there literally is no "water cooler" (or in my experience, snack bar) to collide at for now. Big ups the Angle team for enabling these special interactions!”

Co-founder KAYA Climb