The Magic of Great Conversations
A physicist, an electrical engineer and a designer walk into a bar – or a kitchen, in our case 😄 In early 2020, our founders Matthias, Valerius and Matthias reconnected over dinner – discussing ways to bring great conversations to people’s everyday lives. That evening marked the start of a social audio journey and the launch of the drop-in audio platform Angle Audio. Throughout this journey, we also came to understand the value and potential of audio interactions for customer engagement. We are now using that unique industry knowledge to enable companies to add social audio to their existing product.
We believe, the right conversation at the right time changes everything. That's what drives us. Backing us on this journey to bring the magic of great conversations to everyone, are some incredible investors, advisors and mentors alongside Atlantic Labs.
2,000+ Conversations
over the past 3 months
500 Talking Hours
avg. monthly
avg. rating user rating
Our Team
We are a bunch of audio and conversation enthusiasts, dedicated to creating virtual audio conversation experiences for our clients that feel like the authentic in-person exchanges we all value so much. Before Angle, we delivered and distributed large-scale software and design projects in several startups and hyper-growth environments around the world.
Matthias D Strodtkoetter
Co-founder & CEO
Valerius Huonder
Co-founder & CTO
Matthias Karg
Co-founder & CPO
Sarah Jordi
Head of Marketing
Raphael Voellmy
Viceroy of Code-Wizardry
Sara Berent
Business Developer
Paul Siermann
Head of Customer Success
Nicolas Hitz
Business Developer Intern
Jeanette Järnstedt
Product Designer