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The Magic Of Great Conversations

The Magic Of Great Conversations

Think back to the last time you had a really good conversation. How did that make you feel? People coming together to exchange thoughts, debate opinions, share advice – that's when the true magic happens ✨ And we are dedicated to bringing that enriching feeling of authentic human interaction to everyone, everywhere.

The idea for Angle audio was born when a physicist, an electrical engineer, and a designer walked into a bar – or a kitchen, in our case 😉 In early 2020, Matthias, Valerius, and Matthias K. reconnected over dinner, discussing ways to bring great conversations to people’s everyday lives. That first idea turned into a platform for audio group conversations, which catapulted us to the forefront of social audio.

👉 Throughout our journey, we discovered that special spark audio interactions add to customer engagement. We are now using our unique industry knowledge to enable organizations to add a social audio experience to their product that turns their audience into a community.

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Our Team

«Conversation is the most human and humanizing thing that we do.»

We are a bunch of audio and conversation enthusiasts in the heart of Switzerland, dedicated to creating virtual audio experiences that feel like the authentic in-person conversations we all value so much. We believe the right conversation at the right time changes everything. That's what drives us.

Matthias D Strodtkoetter

Co-founder & CEO

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Working in strategy consulting at Arthur D. Little and as one of the first business developers at Beekeeper, Matthias has gained extensive experience in business development. His passion for business and innovation started even earlier, when he served as president for ETH juniors during his studies.

As you'd expect from the biz person on the team, Matthias studied physics at ETH Zurich and has researched quantum computers at the University of Tokyo. 🧮

Valerius Huonder

Co-Founder & CTO

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When Valerius goes into «the tunnel», we know our product will make a big jump forward. Before co-founding Angle as the CTO, he pushed high-quality code at Valtech, ti&m, and co-founded a crypto startup.

He holds a Masters in information technology from ETH Zurich and has been the MVP of ETH juniors on a couple of occasions. Bring up kite surfing or the art of jojo-ing to spark a great conversation with Valerius, who is by the way one of only 60,000 people speaking Rumantsch 🪀

Matthias Karg

Co-founder & CPO

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Understanding our customers and users to churn out designs and constantly improve our product experience – that's Matthias' expertise and passion. Previously, he scaled product design at Beekeeper and spent some time at IDEO in San Francisco and Munich.

Matthias graduated from the interaction design masters program at the Umeå Institute of Design close to the arctic circle and isthe team's go to person for urban gardening and cooking advice. 🌱

Sarah Jordi

Head of Marketing

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Sarah runs all things marketing and comms in our team and reigns over a kingdom of excel-based tracking documents. Before Angle, she launched and grew Uber in Switzerland and supported operations in other countries across EMEA. She also spent some time working with Blockchain projects on the corporate and agency side.

Sarah studied journalism and corporate communications in Winterthur and has a weird obsession with true crime podcasts. 🕵🏼

Raphael Voellmy

Galactic Viceroy of Code Wizardry

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Raphael loves building beautiful web user interfaces and using the latest technologies out there – rumour has it, he was one of the first Bitcoin miners in Switzerland. He studied software systems at  UZH and has worked as a software engineer for many years at ti&m, AXA, and Finnova.

Raphael obsesses over board games and cats. If you’re a dog person it’s better to keep it a secret from him. 🐈

Paul Siermann

Head of Customer Success

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Taking customer obsession to the next level: Paul makes sure that our Angle community thrives by enabling it to have great conversations on and with the Angle product. In a time before Angle, he worked in Customer Success and Product Management at Beekeeper and notime.

He studied Architecture at ETH Zurich and got an Industrial Design master at the Technical University of Munich. In the early hours of a weekend day, you can spot him driving sports cars in the Swiss mountains. 🏎

Sara Berent

Business Development Associate

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Starting out as a Community Success intern, Sara naturally transitioned into the first official Business Development role at Angle and is now running our outreach programs and partnerships. She's the second scientist turned BizDev in our team: Sara fell in love with conversations when she was pursuing an Immunology degree; she was inspired by the power of communication in scientific collaboration, international dialogue and creation of complex ideas. 🧬

Jeanette Järnstedt

Product Designer

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As a part of Angle's design team, Jeanette gets excited about understanding the people behind the clicks and finding the key elements of what makes conversations meaningful. If you're reading this on our website, chances are that she designed it.

She studied Service and Industrial design in Rovaniemi, Lapland, and has worked in the B2B software world since. Almost immediately after accepting her new role at Angle, she grabbed her two cats and jumped on the midnight train from Berlin to Zurich. 😻

Lan Tran

Business Development Intern

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Identifying a pain point and collaborate to develop a solution is what drives Lan in both her work at Angle and in her life as a proud generalist.

Having obtained a Master's in Sustainable Leisure Management and a Master's in Entrepreneurship, Lan is passionate about social entrepreneurship and impact innovation. She's also a self-taught sourdough baker and an amateur pianist. 🎶

Nicolas Hitz

Business Development Intern

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As an intern in our Business Development team, Nicolas loves to learn new, valuable skills. Fresh out of college with a big interest in everything startup and tech. Nicolas gained first startup experience working part-time at Caru, during his studies.

He did an apprenticeship as a mechanical designer and then went on studying business engineering in Lucerne. As a true mountain kid, he enjoys skiing, running, paragliding – everything that kicks. 🪂

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