About Angle
Remember the last time you had a great conversation - how did that make you feel? We believe talking to the right people at the right time changes everything. That’s what drives us.
Who we are
We’re a small team with a strong background in business- and product development. We studied engineering, physics and design at ETH in Zurich and at UID in northern Sweden, and afterwards worked in different places, from Tokyo to San Francisco and in Zurich.
Fortunately we're not alone on the Angle journey - we are backed by incredible investors, entrepreneurs and mentors.
How we work
❤️ Speak honestly. We speak our minds, to uncover our own and each other’s perceived truths early. So we can maximize trust, make great decisions and minimize the number of elephants 🐘 in the room.
💪 Take initiative. We are in the driver seat - each of us. We don’t wait. We’re not “blocked”. We have no “tasks”. We want to make Angle successful. Being proactive means thinking for ourselves what needs to be done and taking the necessary steps without needing to be prompted.
Our team
Matthias D Strodtkoetter
Co-founder & CEO
Matthias has extensive experience in business development. He worked in strategy consulting at Arthur D. Little and was one of the first business developers at Beekeeper. Before that he served as president for ETH juniors.
Like you would expect from the biz person on the team, Matthias studied physics at ETH Zurich and has researched quantum computers at the University of Tokyo.
Valerius Huonder
Co-founder & CTO
Responsible for all things technology - when Valerius goes into the tunnel we know our product will make a jump forward. He pushed high-quality code at Valtech, ti&m, and co-founded a crypto-startup.
Valerius holds a Masters in information technology from ETH Zurich and has been the MVP of ETHjuniors on a couple of occasions.
Matthias Karg
Co-founder & CPO
Takes care of our product experience, from understanding our users to churning out designs. Previously he scaled product design at Beekeeper and spent some time at IDEO in San Francisco and Munich.
Matthias graduated from the interaction design masters program at the Umeå Institute of Design close to the arctic circle - luckily he enjoys the cold seasons 😅
Sarah Jordi
Head of Marketing
Sarah runs all things marketing and comms in our team. Before Angle, she launched and grew Uber in Switzerland and supported operations in other countries across EMEA. She also spent some time working with Blockchain projects on the corporate and agency side.
Sarah studied journalism and corporate communications in Winterthur.
Mona Erb
Content & Community
Mona is all about what's happening on Angle. The success of the community and supporting our hosts are her top priority.
Mona graduated from political science and has worked as a social innovator. Discussions and are an everyday passion of hers. Luckily now she has Angle to do so 😉
Raphael Voellmy
Head of Frontend
Raphael loves building beautiful web user user interfaces and using the latest technologies out there. He studied software systems at  UZH and has worked as a software engineer for many years at ti&m, AXA and Finnova.
Raphael obsesses over board games and cats. If you’re a dog person it’s better to keep it a secret from him.