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Angle Audio Blog

Pioneering social audio in the news industry with «20 Minuten»

20 Minuten is the world's first news platform to add audio rooms to their articles

Experiencing Angle Audio rooms in our partners’ websites

We are excited to announce that some of our partners have successfully embedded social audio...

5 reasons your company needs social audio

Customer- and user engagement trends over the past two decades have been heavily optimized for efficiency, inevitably resulting...

On to new horizons with social audio as a service

Knocking down walls

Passionate about cars and great conversations: meet Paul

How We Invented the Like of Social Audio

Meet Raphi: Galactic Viceroy of Code Wizardry

The Day We Became #2 Product of the Day on Product Hunt and Doubled Our User Base

Mastering The Angle Look & Feel: Meet Matthias

The Face Behind The Technology: Meet Valerius

Physicist Gone Founder: Meet Matu

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