Pioneering social audio in the news industry with «20 Minuten»

November 17, 2021

Just the gist of it: 20 Minuten is the world’s first news platform to launch social audio on its website and app with the Angle SDK. Registered readers can participate in online audio conversations and discuss selected topics with each other. The pilot will start on October 27th at 6 p.m. with a German-speaking audio room on the topic “Should we even bother still paying bank fees?” moderated by Gabriela Neuhaus and Julius Kirscheneder (neon).

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“The pandemic has made the natural human need for personal exchange obvious,” says Angle CEO and co-founder Matthias D. Strodtkoetter. “We are very pleased that 20 Minuten, as the largest private Swiss news medium, was so quick to recognize that news naturally generates exciting discussions and that they are now bringing those directly into their own app.”

Over the next few weeks, the news platform 20 Minuten will pilot audio rooms on selected topics and give users the opportunity to participate actively or passively in these conversations. Participants can signal via a button if they would like to contribute to the conversation (digital hand-raising) and moderators will guide through the conversations. For 20 Minuten, social audio offers a new way to further extend the exchange among readers –which already starts in the comments section– with personal conversations. The first conversation on 20min will take place on Wednesday, October 27th at 6 pm on the topic of “Are bank fees still reasonable or is there another way?”. Gabriela Neuhaus and Julius Kirscheneder from neon will lead the conversation. → Join the conversation here (in German).

“The 20 Minuten community is one of the most active in Switzerland. In selected audio rooms, we want to offer this community new opportunities to inform and exchange ideas.” Marco Di Bernardo, CTO 20 Minuten

About 20 Minuten

Launched at the end of 1999 for a young and urban target group, the commuter-focused newspaper 20 Minuten has developed into the Swiss media title with the widest reach, with a presence in German-speaking Switzerland, French-speaking Switzerland, and Ticino. In eight printed local editions five times a week and digitally around the clock, 20 Minuten informs and entertains in three languages with stories from politics, business, sports, and entertainment. On its digital channels, 20 Minuten also offers video, audio formats and other forward-looking technologies. 20 Minuten is part of the TX Group and includes 20 Minuten, 20 minutes and 20 minuti, 20 Minuten Radio,, Encore, and the holdings abroad (L’essentiel in Luxembourg and Heute in Austria). 

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