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Using live audio rooms to create a unique offering


«20 Minuten» is Switzerland’s biggest news platform with 3mio. daily active users and an active comment section.


→ Increase user engagement
→ More account sign-ups
→ Early mover advantage on new audio mega trend

How they did it

In a first step, «20 Minuten» has embedded live audio rooms into articles. These rooms feel like a native part of the «20 Minuten» user experience. Users join directly on their app or website, not being sent to an external platform. They can listen in (no account required) or participate («20 Minuten» login required). The conversations are moderated by journalists and partners.

Going forward, «20 Minuten» plans to host frequent audio-news-rooms and discussions around top news of the day – making social audio a core part of the audio tab in their product.


The first live audio conversation attracted almost 200 users, 10% of whom actively participated. The conversation lasted for 1 hour, with users spending an average of 21 minutes in the audio room –surpassing the already industry leading 13 minutes of daily engagement per user on «20 Minuten». Despite being the first experiment, the high turnout and the engagement rate of 10%, compared to the 1% rule, were a great success.

«Live audio rooms offer an innovative way to boost user engagement, build community and differentiate 20 Minuten.»

– Marco Di Bernardo, CTO «20 Minuten»