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How Artfundi is bringing art exhibitions online


Artfundi is an art inventory and website management software company. They are always on the lookout for innovative ways to grow their clients’ businesses.


→ Enable galleries, artists and collectors to have conversations online

→ Build an active community through weekly conversations


Artfundi enables galleries, artists and collectors to network, create buzz and talk about their art online. Now more than ever, art is coming online. So there’s a rising demand for live digital interaction.

An «Artists in conversation» series to bring the community together

The team at Artfundi hosts a weekly «Artists in conversation» format on quotesbylivingartists.com/channel. It has become a space for intimate stories in and around the art world. Their latest description sums it up perfectly: “Join us to share stories and ideas about art, life, NFT's, the universe and champagne.”


The weekly conversation series attracted on average 25 participants and listeners over its 8 instances at the end of 2021. Usually, the conversations go on for around 45 minutes. The participation rate often is over 50%, making for very diverse conversations. That’s mostly because Tamzin, the host, always gets everyone in the right mood - even if that requires turning on her camera to pop a bottle of champagne.

«Artfundi is all about innovation and finding new ways to connect and digitalize the art world. It’s a joy to do just that with the fantastic team behind Angle Audio. They’re super communicative and always there to help out.»

– Tamzin Lovell Miller, CEO, Artfundi