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Increasing NPS with audio conversations


Zetland is a digital publisher based in Denmark, dedicated to journalism as a force for good. They fight for a public conversation motivated by insight and curiosity. Zetland exceeded 28,000 subscribers in 2021.


→ Make joining online conversations easier than ever before

→ Increase NPS


When running a Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey, Zetland found a strong correlation between high scores and members who joined online conversations. So they set out to make joining online conversations easier than ever before. Now, they’re just one tap away. 

Curated conversations by journalists 

Zetland’s community team organizes interviews between journalists and experts about popular articles of their publication. They also host town hall meetings where they present company results and discuss future initiatives. All formats are aimed at involving their subscribers in the conversation.


Zetland’s town hall or “virtuelt bestyrelsesmode” attracted over 70 participants, 18 of which actively participated in the one-hour conversation. A result that motivated Zetland to integrate Angle even deeper into their core offering, the Zetland app. And of course to host many more conversations.

«We want to make it as easy as possible for our members to enjoy our online conversations. Angle allows us to do just that. It’s now much less effort to join than when we were using established web conferencing tools.»

– Sebastian Winther, Head of Digital, Zetland