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Audio rooms anywhere you want, in your style

Audio rooms anywhere you want, in your style

Why our customers love Angle Audio

Embedded in minutes

Within a few minutes you’ll be able to have the first audio rooms up and running—in your product!

Fully customizable

Customize your audio experience to your own brand look & feel.

Multiple formats

Different features allow your users to participate from the start, or only selected speakers.

Part of your product

Embed audio rooms in minutes

Create a room, choose your style and features and have it up and running in your own website or app within just a few minutes.

Room styling

Make it your own

Customize your audio experience to your own brand to fit into your website or app perfectly. Make your users feel right at home.


Learn from your conversations

Dashboard analytics let you understand what your audience's favourite discussions were, what topics attracted a new crowd, and which conversations could have used a bit more dazzle.

Room formats

One solution for all your conversations

Choose between different conversation formats: a stage might make sense if you have a larger audience and want to curate speakers. For more intimate conversations, open and inclusive rooms are the way to go.

Have fun

Give and receive celebrations 🎉

Showing appreciation without interrupting someone can be hard. That's why we invented celebrations: Double-tap to show someone you like what they just said.

Implement in minutes

Our social audio SDK is designed by developers, for developers. Save time with less maintenance so you can focus on your unique value.

<!-- this is the container where Angle will be inserted into -->
<div id="angle"></div>
<!-- load the latest angle script -->
<script async src="//" charset="utf-8">

// Initialize Angle
AngleSDK.init('#angle', {
   height: '600px',
   name: 'Happy Hippo'

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